Wedding Braids Hair Tutorial

Wedding Braids Hair Tutorial
How to :
Start by making two pigtails, using rubber bands. Make them a bit higher up on your head.
Braid both pigtails…
…and secure ends with a rubber band.
Remove the top rubber bands from the pigtails.
Cross one braid over the other.
Starting with the braid that’s now on top, create a sort of “C” shape and pin. It doesn’t have to be precise; you just want to have a nice curved shape from the braid.
Make the same curved shape with the other braid and pin. Curve it up and over the top of the braid you just pinned down.
Ultimately, you want to get a nice sort of pretzel or knot shape from the two braids. Tuck the ends of both braids behind the knot and pin them down securely