Tutorial : Hand Blow Dry

Tutorial :: Hand Blow Dry

1. Split your hair into 4 sections. Down the middle and then behind your ears.

2. Twist each section so your hair is going AWAY from your face.

3. Blow dry each section focusing on your roots first (those take the longest) and then the middle to ends while keeping the hair in a twist.

4. Once most of the section is dry, loosen your twist and “cup” it with an open palm as you blow dry the rest. Keeping an open palm over the section allows the air from the blow dryer to dry the section faster.

5. Once your hair is completely dry, keep it in these 4 “ringlet” sections until they are no longer warm from the heat of the blow dryer. Cooling them is the key to your blow out maintaining it’s curl and smoothness.

6. Tilt your head slightly back and shake your roots to separate the curls. Don’t rake your fingers through your hair. Instead lightly massage your scalp and that will separate them enough. Think of squeezing a lemon on a hand juicer (our lovely model came up with that metaphor :). If you feel like you need to put your fingers through it, then do so with a drop of oil distributed through your fingers and you’re done!

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