Help Get Rid of Sunburn using Black Tea

Fill a pitcher or bowl with warm water and place in 2-3 bags of black tea.

Let the solution sit in a clean place to cool off.

Once cool or lukewarm dip your cloth into the tea and lightly dab the affected areas.

You want to carefully dab the skin and not wipe, to prevent from further irritating.

Let sit on skin for a few hours and carefully rinse of in a cold or cool shower.

Hot showers will further irritate the sunburn, and can cause further nerve ending damage.

You can re-apply as needed, but it is better to apply when the sun burn first appears.

It is most affective this way and helps prevent from further damage.

TIP: This is recommended only for minor sunburn. If you have a serious sunburned injury, we strongly advise you please seek medical attention immediately.