Sexy Hairstyle Tutorial

Sexy Hairstyle Tutorial

Things you will need

Mousse (any kind) i use Suave Professionals Healthy Curls Scrunching Mousse

Hair Spray (any kind) i use garnier fructis hair spray.

Curling irons (preferably ceramic) But if your hair curls easy.. (not mine) then any kind will work I use a 1.5 inch, 5. inch and 1 inch on my hair.

Extra Hair Tie / Clip

Get The Look

1. When you get out of the shower put mousse into your hair like you were scrunching it, even if you have NO curl and it still looks straight. Be generous too. i usually do this with my head flipped over.

2. I usually just let my hair air dry now.. scrunching it with my hands whenever i feel like it. If you don’t have time to let your hair air dry, i doubt it would hurt to blow dry, my hair will frizz to much if i blow dry though!

3. Okay, your hair is dry. Now comes the fun part. Plug in ya curling irons, get your mousse. Lift up all your hair except the bottom, i’d say a few inches of hair. Clip or tie the rest up. Now, you’re going get a section of hair, and squirt the mousse directly onto the hair. This holds the curl awesome,( without having crusty hair

4. Smooth in the mousse so its looks kinda stick straight

Curl the hair, when i do it, my hair is still damp from the mousse i just put in. I usually hold the hair on the curling iron for a while, at least until the mousse dries

6. Let the curl out!! When you let the curl out hair spray it, and then quickly scrunch it back up until its cool.

7. let go and enjoy! As you can tell the hair isn’t curly until the bottom half, That is okay for this piece b/c i used the largest barrel, which i usually use for the bottom half of my hair, when you get to the top of your hair you’ll wanna use your smaller curling irons so the whole strand gets a curl.

7. Continue throughout your whole head, using the different sized barrels for a better effect.

8. When you’re done flip your hair upside down and hairspray all over, pop back up and enjoy your new hair!

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