Romantic Fishtail Braid Hair Tutorial

Romantic Fishtail Braid Hair Tutorial
How To Style :
Step 1 : Your hair should have some volume and a little bit of grip to start. To achieve this texture, back-comb the hair around the nape of the neck and side of the head for volume.
Step 2 : Grab a large section of hair, on the low end of the part, behind the ear. Start French-braiding the hair, If you run out of hair in the nape area, start feeding it in from the top.
Step 3 : When you are on the other side of the head, add a strand from the front section of the hair and create a fishtail braid using the now-four braid strands. then secure with a hair-tie.
Step 4 : Using your fingers, gently loosen the loops of the braid to give it texture and width.
Step 5 : Smooth out the top with hairspray. and your done!