ROLL UP Tutorial

ROLL UP Tutorial


Shampoo and condition your hair, then partially dry to remove excess moisture. Mist with styling spray.


For a basic set, take a 5cm/2inch section of hair (or asection the same width as your roller) from the centre front and comb it straight up, smoothing out any tangles.


Wrap the ends of the sectioned hair around the roller, taking care not to buckle the hair. Then wind the roller down firmly, towards the scalp, keeping the tension even.

Keep winding until the roller sits on the roots of the hair. Self-holding rollers will stay in place on their own, but if you are using brush rollers you will have to fasten them with a pin.


Continue around the whole head, always taking the same width of hair. Re-mist the hair with styling spray if it begins to dry out.


Leave the finished set to dry naturally, or dry it with a diffuser attachment on your hand dryer, or with a hood dryer. When using artificial heat sources, allow the completely dry hair to become quite cool before you remove the rollers. Brush through the hair following the direction of the set. Mist the brush with hairspray and use to smooth any stray hairs.

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