Prevent Split Ends Tutorial

Eliminate Split Ends

Start by taking small sections of hair and then twist them carefully going into a downward motion. What will happen is that the split ends will stick out.

Make sure your scissors are sharp and then snip into the twisted strands without cutting right through. The goal is to cut into the thick portion of the gathered strands so the damaged protective cuticles can be removed and the hair now has a natural, layered effect.

The key is not to cut randomly but to keep the amount of hair cut from each section the same

Once you have split ends, you can never get rid of them. Well, as you have seen from the information provided in this article, that is simply not true.

Split ends can be fixed in that the split is actually repaired. In truth, once a hair fiber is split, it is split. However, you will find some products that will glue the ends back together temporarily but it is not a permanent fix.

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