Ponytail Hairstyle Tutorial

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1. Take a section of the hair on the crown of the head and tease it. Tease as close to the head as you can to add volume

2. Carefully comb over the “bump” so the surface of the hair is more tidy. If you want a messy poofy-tail, then skip that.

3. Get a regular hair-tie and make sure it’s a size that will make a really tight pony tail so it will hold the hair and poof up all day. If the tie is too loose, the hair will fall down after a while.

But, here is the trick: while wrapping around the hair tie, make sure of two things:
– Create the ponytail lower than where you want it (you will pull it up in position later) and..
– When you wrap the hair tie around the ponytail, leave it a couple of inches out from your head (you will pull it closer to the head later)

What you will do next will give you even more “poof”…

4. Grab a little bit of hair from the ponytail, close to the hair tie, and pull it up while you are pulling the hair out to the sides so that the pony tail gets higher and closer to the head. See how that creates a nice poof? 🙂

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