Divide your hair diagonally into 3 sections as you see above. Push the 2 side sections in front of your shoulders.

Do an inside-out french braid. You’ll want to go just past the bottom hairline so you have room to tuck the hair under later.

Gently and slowly, pull the inside out french braid apart. Keep pulling until it starts to look like loose “loops”. Note: This is where it gets tricky for those of you with layers, but don’t worry too much. You can always twist them back into the mix later! Besides, some loose pieces are good! Use a little hairspray here to secure if you feel the need!

Now tuck the tail of the braid under and pin it using large bobbypins for strong support.
Once you’ve tucked it and pinned it, the back of your hair should look like this. (See photo 5)
Next, take one of your side pieces and give it a light tease to thicken it up.

Twist it and drape it across the back. Pin it behind the ear on the opposite side and blend the ends of it into one of the loops from the braid.

Repeat the teasing process of the other side.

Drape it across the back and over the previous twist (you can even weave it through a loop if
you wanna get really fancy), then pin it behind the ear on the other side. Again, blend the ends of the twist into one of the loops from the braid.

Add extra bobbypins to secure any pieces that feel unstable. Spray all over with a firm holding hairspray at the end!