Infinity Twist Hair Tutorial

Infinity Twist Hair Tutorial

1. This look will begin with a small, twisted bun slightly just off center at the back of the head. Pin to secure.

2. Take a section of hair along the bottom side hairline, under your bun. Twist it and wrap it across the bottom of the bun, then around the top and pin.

3. Take a small section from the under the bun on the other side. Twist it and wrap it in the other direction (criss crossing your first twist) and pin it around the bun.

4. Now, take a section from the side half above the bun. Twist it and wrap it around the bun and pin.

5. Take your last section and twist it and wrap it around the bun in the other direction (crisscrossing your last twist) Pin it in place. Add additional pins and hairspray to secure your infinity twisted bun