How to style a Messy bun tutorial

How to style a Messy bun tutorial
Steps :

Tease your hair with a comb. to give you some volume on top of your bun.

Put your hair in a high ponytail, leaving some hair around your face down. Also, leave as much hair around your face as you want – you will be pinning some back later.

Curl hair with iron, using either barrel or clasp method. You don’t have to be too particular or careful about these curls. I don’t even curl all of my hair usually, just most of it. Also, curl the hair around your face!

Pin chunks of hair into LOOSE bun, 1″-2″ pieces at a time. Before pinning hair into a bun, it may help to tease the base of the ponytail (close to the rubber band) a little bit.

When pinning back, don’t pin the entire strand into the bun! Leave the hair hanging after you wrap it around once or twice so that your lovely curls show. Hide the straight hair completely, though!

Tug your teased hair a little if need be. This will add some volume. Pin back some hair around your face.

Let these pieces hang a little too, to add to the “messy” effect. Also, leave some hair hanging around your face! This will soften the austerity that normally comes with a bun.