French Twist Tutorial

French Twist Tutorial

To build volume in your locks, massage a thickening lotion all through damp hair. The key is to maintain a natural movement, so avoid using a brush when your hair is still wet. Let the hair naturally dry.

If your hair still lacks beach-like texture, apply a texturizing cream to the roots, especially around the crown.

The hair should be completely dry by this stage, don’t proceed to the next step if it isn’t. Dry hair is essential for styling this look.

Back brush (not back comb – very important to know the difference) the hair to add more texture and rough volume to the roots of the hair. Start from the nape of the neck and work upwards.

Once your hair has the volume and texture, finger comb the hair back, away from the face, and pull hair back into a French twist. Secure with bobby pins.

Blow-dry the fringe in an upward motion to create a quiff bouffant, and then pull it back and secure with bobby pins.

Don’t pull back the hair too tightly; make sure to keep the hair loose around the face. You need to maintain the naturalness of the look here.

Finish it off with some hairspray, if needed.

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