Fluffy curls Tutorial

fluffy curls Tutorial

Section off the hair by dividing it into half and pinning with sectioning clips. Starting at the back, take horizontal partings and use a small curling iron to curl each under into a tight curl.

Fluffy curls how to 1
Continue taking horizontal parting, curling hair all the way up the back of the head. Once you’ve curled up to the ear section, follow the partings from the back of the head to the front hair line.

fluffy curls how to 2
At the front hairline, keep curling hair back from the face as this will give you more width and create a softer look for most face shapes.

spiral curls how to 3
As you get high on the head (i.e. the top layers of hair) start dragging the curls. This will create a build up of weight for the curls and have a flatness to the top of the head. You can drag the curls down to either eye level or ear level depending on where you want the volume to start from.

spiral curl hair 4
Once you’ve curled all the hair, get a brush (a soft cushion brush works best) and softly brush out the curls. Using your fingers and the brush, adjust the width and shape of the hair.

spiral curl hair 5
Once you’re happy with the desired shape, spray the hair in place with some hair spray.
Fluffy curls: variations

The finished result should be brushed out curls that have a romantic, fluffy effect. For variations try a sharp center part, or side part with pin.

If you have shoulder-length or bobbed hair, a burst of fluffy spiral curls can also give off a 1930s screen-star vibe – think Lana Turner or Ginger Rogers.

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