Elegant Crown Braid Hair Tutorial

Elegant Crown Braid Hair Tutorial
How To Style :

Step 1 : First hand-dry the hair with Surf Spray and then White Hair Powder to give it a roughed-up texture with lots of grip.
Step 2 : Create an exaggerated side part, then back-comb crown for a bit to added volume.
Step 3 : Isolate a large section of hair on the thick side of the part and braid into a traditional three-strand braid all the way down to the ends. Use a clear elastic to secure. Use fingers to gently pull braid apart so it’s wider. Rub braid with palm of hand to create a little bit of fuzziness.
Step 4 : Pull The hair into a ponytail by the nape of the neck, securing with a bungee hair-tie. Keep ponytail slightly loose to preserve volume. Back-comb length of ponytail for added fullness.
Step 5 : Tuck the tail of the braid into the chignon, securing with a bobby pin.
Step 6 : Fine-tune the hair with fingers and use hairspray all over the hair to set.