Curly Waves with A Brush

How to get curly waves with only a brush

1. Tip your head upside down and gently comb through your hair with your brush.
2. When you lift your head up, your hair should look more volumised. If your hair tangles easily then brush the knots out.
3. Take one section of your hair and plait it. When it is plaited, gently brush it out. Your hair will be tangled but leave it for now. Do the same to other sections of your hair. Leave your hair for around 20 minutes.
4. After you’ve done that to all sections of your hair, tip your head upside down again and gently comb through your hair with your brush. Remove any tangles.
5. Flatten your hair out with the brush when you lift your head up and there you go – you should have curly waves in your hair!

Note: If your hair has a tendency to not stay in shape well, then when you plait your hair leave the plaits in for around two hours then brush the plaits out and it should have the same effect. This also works better on dry hair so don’t wash it beforehand.