Curling Hair Tutorial

1. While heating up your iron on the hottest setting, brush out your hair. I’m a believer in a little bit of frizz and imperfection, so I don’t put any product in it beforehand.

2. Grab a small chunk of hair, no larger than 1 inch. The more hair you curl at once, the less tight your curls will be. You can spray this before you curl, but I’m usually too lazy.

Wrap the hair around the iron, starting at the roots.

3. Starting at the roots of your hair, and without using the clasp, wrap your hair down the barrel. Hold the ends of your hair with your fingers on the end of your iron (if your iron doesn’t get hot at the end). Try not to overlap your hair as you wrap it around – this way all of it gets hot. Leave it there for 15-20 long seconds.

4. Tilt your curling iron downward, and let your curls fall off the barrel. I try to pull as little as possible so that they don’t straighten out.

Spray with hairspray

5. Spray with hairspray. And you have a curl!