Babyliss Triple Barrel Waver Tutorial

Babyliss Triple Barrel Waver Tutorial

Take a section of hair about 4cm wide.

Spray hair lightly for extra hold.

Place the section between the bottom plate and top barrels of the Babyliss PRO Triple Barrel Waver. Ensure you are about 2cm away from the scalp.

Clamp the Weaver shut and hold for about five seconds. 5

Move the Waver down and make sure you place the first barrel in the last wave so the waves interlock together without any harsh lines or dents.

Move down ensuring that you place the first barrel in the last wave. 7

Move down until you have completed the section and tuck tails into the barrel with a tail comb for a smooth finish.

The wave should be continuous and smooth.

Moving to the top section, again take five sections about 5cm, 2cm away from the scalp and turn the wavers up slightly on an angle to avoid creating hard lines around the crown. 10

Always ensure the plate is under the hair with the barrels clamping down onto it. Because the plate has an edge to it, it is essential you tilt it to avoid creating a ridge. 11

Keeping away from the scalp creates a soft movement off the head.

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