Side-Swept Bangs Tutorial

What you will need:
Gel or Mousse
Large Round Brush
Hair Dryer
Wide Toothed Comb
Curling Iron 1″ or larger

Long Hairstyles How To Side-Swept Bangs Tutorial

Step 1
While your hair is still damp separate your bangs from the rest of your hair, and comb them.

Step 2
I’m using Aussie’s Aussome Volume Hair Gel. You can use Mousse as well, I just prefer the gel like hold and texture.

Take a dime size amount of gel between your pointer finger and thumb and run it through your bangs.

Step 3
This is how your bangs should look after they have been geled.

Step 4
Take your large round brush and roll your bangs upwards, and start drying.

Step 5
Another view of drying my bangs, so you can see how I roll it upwards.

Step 7
This is how your bangs should look after blowdrying. Spray lightly with hairspray.

Now, dry the rest of your hair.

Step 8
Pull your bangs straight up in front of your face.

Step 9
Take your curling iron and roll your hair like-so. I don’t know how to describe this, so I hope the picture helps a little. 🙂

Step 10
This is how your bangs should look after your release them from the curling iron.

Step 11
Spray lightly with hairspray and let them cool.

Step 12
Take a wide toothed comb, and comb your bangs out gently.

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