natural techniques to remove under eye circles

Under eye circles can be annoyng. Usually under eye circles are a sign of a poor digestive fire. This metabolizes and burns up the foods you consume, there are a few natural techniques that can help.

1. Eating fruits and vegetables a few times a week.
2. Avoiding protein from animal sources.
3. High fiber grains.
5. Drink at least 6 oz of water per day

6. Spices in your foods. Cracked black pepper, turmeric, mild or medium curry powder, chili
peppers, etc.

7. Cleaning your digestive tract, eatig raw foods and greens. Drinking an all natural fruit and vegetable green drink to help cleanse the digestive tract. Using clean organic foods that haven’t been contaminated or exposed to pestcides.

Simple Green Drink

kale or broccoli as a base

add one carrot for sweetness.

1/2 lemon juice and some flaxseeds.

Put into a blender. The fiber in the juice and the chlorophyl in the green veggies will help to cleanse your system.