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Purple Dipped Curls

Dark and light purple dipped on platinum blonde curls

Sunny Brunette Hair

The sun provides an excellent source of Vitamin D, which is a great way to help

French Braid Bun

Dark smokey ash brown french braid bun

Ponytail Alternative

Small twisted blonde and brown blended ponytail alternative

Dark Brown Waves & Side Braid

Long wavy dark to light brown hair with a

Lily Collins Soft Waves

Lily Collins soft waves, like your style

Lovely Bridal Updo

Twisted and braided bangs pulled to the back platinum

Ladder Braid, Basket Weave & S Braid

Three of the top most popular unique styles this

Braids into Messy Updo

Stunning braids into messy bun with turquoise accessories source

Platinum Highlights & Lowlights

Platinum highlights with dark blonde highlights and Low lights

Thick Brunette Hair

Long thick layered brunette hair

Before & After

Before and after straightening and adding color. Make this

Pink & Blue Curly Tips

Light blonde curly hair with pink and blue pastel

Braid Within Braid

Cool hair idea, a braid within a braid

Long Layers

Brunette cut long layers

Black Hair Red Dipped

Cute shining black hair with dark red dipped tips

Side Ponytail

Soft blonde side ponytail source

Learning to Dutch Braid

Learning to dutch braid four and five strands

Sandy Blonde Curls

Long sandy blonde dyed on brown curly hair

Crown Braided Fishtail

Triple headband braided into a long side fishtail

Reddish Brown Hair

Long reddish-brown hair with a cute Hawaiian-styled hat

Loose Curls & Side Braid

Loose blonde curls with a side braid and white

Cool Hair for A Hot Day

Beautifully braided on the top into a blonde ponytail

Bun with Braid

Wrapped braid around a thick blonde bun source