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Purple Hair Pink Scarf

Dark purple dyed with a pink scarf

4th of July Nails

4th of July theme painted nails

Bun with Braid Wrap

Golden blonde bun with braid wrapped

Cute Ponytail

Cute long ponytail with a chic top source

Big Sock Bun

Easy big sock bun done in five minutes

Length, Color, Style

Cute style with a blonde on dark ombre

Skinny Braid Ponytail

Long skinny blonde braid ponytail

Messy Updo

Lovely messy tousled blonde updo

Turquoise Braid Into Ponytail with Bow

Very pretty how the blended braid matches her bow.

Pretty Hair Colors

Blonde and black highlights and lowlights on long hair

French Braid Attempt with Bun

An attempt at the french braid but the bun

Lilac & Blue with Braid

Lilac and blue pastel dyed with a small braid

Highlights on Waterfall Braid

Highlights on top, natural underneath and all done up

Half Up or Half Down?

wedding hair half up half down, so hard to

Sprial Braid Around Ponytail

spiraling half braid wrapped around a pony tail.

Fishtail Braid Pinned

Red french fishtail braid pinned up

Side Braid & Messy Updo

Side braid in messy brunette updo with bangs

Deep Purple Ombre

Deep purple dyed ombre on blonde hair

All About Blondes

It’s all about blondes and their wavy hair

Elegant Wedding Updo

Elegant blonde wedding updo with braids and flowers

Highlights & Lowlights

Chocolate and vanilla colored highlights and lowlights

Curled Blonde Hair

Dirty blonde curled dyed hair done at the salon

Rainbow Ombre

Rainbow ombre colors on dark auburn hair

Blonde Ombre & Curls

Light to blonde ombre with the ends curled