Messy updo tutorial

Messy updo tutorial

The Supplies:

Teasing comb with rattail end
Bobby pins
Hair spray

The Steps:

Begin with hair down, styled into loose waves (or if your hair is slightly curly or naturally wavy, air-dried hair is perfect.)
Divide hair into two sections; clip the top up and away with a clip.
Begin to backcomb the roots of the bottom, section by section to add volume.
Below the bump of volume, gather hair into a ponytail and twist the ends on themselves.
Tuck under the pouf and pin with a bobby pin.
Take the top section down from the clip and backcomb at the roots for volume.
Gather layers and loosely (messy is ok!) secure back with bobby pins. you can gently twist them for added interest.
Hand shape layers and finish with hairspray and shine spray.
Add a decorative clip for some sparkle or a pop of color.