How to Style Hair With a Bump

How to Style Hair With a Bump

1. Brush the hair. Make sure the hair is tangle free before beginning the bump process.

2. Decide where the bump will be in the hair

3. Separate your first section, part the hair going from one side of the head to the other.

4. Tease the hair. As the hair tangles and stands up, the bump begins to form. The more one teases, the higher and more strength the bump will have.

5. Separate more sections and continue to tease the hair until the desired amount of hair is teased for the desired amount of volume.

6. Flip hair back. As one teases the sections, previous sections will fall in front of the face. Take all of the sections together at this point and flip the hair back to its original position.

7. Brush it out. Take a teasing brush, or a soft bristle brush and brush the top layer of hair to create a smooth covering for the tangles underneath. The more one brushes, the flatter the bump will be

8. Style it. Be creative here! After finalizing how the bump will ultimately look, style the rest of the hair to accentuate your new bump.