How to Highlights Tutorial

Do a test section. In a glass or plastic container mix a small amount of bleaching solution (the proper ratios for a test will be in the directions). Pull out a small section of hair from behind your ear and brush on the bleach. Wait 10 minutes; rinse it, dry so you can see how much it has lightened. If it’s too light, test another section for live minutes. If it’s too dark, add another 10 minutes to the original section (for a total of 20). When you reach a desired shade, remember the optimal number of minutes.

Mix the rest of the bleaching solution and style your hair s you normally wear it (hair should be dry when you apply the bleach). Separate and inch-wide section along your part above your forehead and gently saturate it with bleach on both sides, starting half an inch from the root (you don’t want to put bleach too close to the scalp because heat from your head will make it work faster, which could cause the roots to come out too light). Place the section down on your hair.

Work your way back toward the crown, bleaching alternation sections of hair along your part (go back and forth from side to side). Make the sections that are close to your face thicker and the ones in back thinner, like natural highlights from the sun. To avoid stripes keep highlights spaced about an inch apart and irregular in width. Do fewer than you think you should; you can always add more the next day.

Set a timer for the predetermined number of minutes. When the time is up, rinse hair until the water runs clear. Condition with a product designed for color treated hair. Style hair as usual.

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