How-To: Gibson Tuck

1. Gather hair into a high or medium ponytail.

2. From the crown, use your fingers to separate the hair above the ponytail. You will essentially be creating a pocket for your hair.

3. Tuck ponytail into pocket. Try to distribute the hair evenly.

4. After the hair is tucked in, use a bobby pin or two to keep the elastic held down.

5. Now you have your Gibson Tuck, almost completed. However you’ll notice that the part where you made your pocket still shows. We’ll deal with that in the next step.

6. Now draw together the part by holding it with a barrette, a decorative comb, or any other hair accessory that will do the job. I’m using a France Luxe tige boulet barrette in the Elysee design. It was sent to me by a dear friend as a surprise, and it suits the Gibson Tuck quite nicely.

You’re done! Here is another view of the completed style. Some people might want to do away with the flyaways, but I actually like them. It gives a romantic touch to the style. If you do want a neater look with no flyaways, brush your hair lightly with a bit of hairspray to hold them down.

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