How to French Twist Hair

How to French Twist Hair

1. Brush all your hair to one side. If you want the finished product to twist from left to right, brush it to the left side; if you want it to twist from right to left, brush it to the right.

2. Use grips or pins at the back of your hair to hold it in place. This will keep the hair pulled to one side.

3. Apply hairspray all over your hair

4. Place your hand underneath the hair and brush it very gently. Make sure to brush it to the side so as to keep it in position and not dislodge the pins.

5. Lightly grasp the hair in one hand and, with the other, wrap it underneath, around, and over your fingers or thumb. Make sure to twist the hair in the direction opposite the one you originally brushed it in.

6. Insert big pins to hold the hair in place. Feed the tip of the pin into the hair curling through the cone, slide it with the movement of the hair out to the side, and pin it to the hair along your scalp. Make sure to place the pins so that they’re hidden beneath the cone.

7. Use a bristle brush or other fine-toothed brush to neaten the style (if necessary) and use hairspray to hold the twist together.

8. Tuck the loose ends of the hair inside the cone. Use pins as needed to hold the ends in place, out of sight.

9. Finished.