Hairstyles For The Gym

Guest post by: Zyana Morris

OK… let’s admit it… as much as we girls like working out to get some luscious curves on our bodies to fit into those ooh-so- sexy mini dresses, we also love to look freak’in hot when we’re sweating in the gym during a workout. Not that we can’t stay in plank for much longer than our hair does just a couple of minutes into our routine, but hey… there’s no point in it if your hair break out into a big wild mess the moment you break a sweat. And besides… your sweaty hair hitting you in the face is neither pleasant, nor a pleasant sight for the males you’re trying to gain attention from!

So here are some hairstyles that you can easily rock in the gym and still look hot when you’re working out.

The Sleek Ponytail

The tight, the low ponytail and sleek look is one that never goes wrong in the gym especially if it’s just a couple of minutes on the treadmill you checked in for. Don’t forget to slap on some gel to keep loose ends glued to your scalp! And in case you don’t like it low, you could opt for the staple high ponytail and texture the tail with a DIY hair softener and shine enhancer spray, the high ponytail does in fact look better with straight hair.

Tight fishtail

tight fishtail

Image Source: Pinterest

Loose side braids can be rather disastrous in the gym as they tend to fall out rapidly or slap you hard inthe face. A tight fishtail braid at the back is a much better option; it’ll last you throughout your entire session, and will also add a bit of funk to your gym look. It just might be a tad bit time-consuming to make, but the effort is well worth it.

headband hairstyle
Nothing beats a headband if you’re not up for tying your hair up into a ponytail or braiding them. You can also make a personal statement with your choice of headband. Also, headbands too generally work well with straight hair. After wearing your headband, do use a straightening brush to complete the look.

Twisted bun
twisted bun
Probably the best when it comes to hair management during a workout! Try this one with bobby pins for a quick fix; it’s a lot better than the standard messy bun look. And besides, this one works well particularly if you’ve gotta be somewhere right after gym and don’t have time to shampoo.

Just pull out the pins and you’ll be ready to go with some fab curls. Also, you can improvise with the type of bobby pins you use to add some bling to your gym look.