Elegant Tutorial

Elegant Tutorial

Section hair from ear to ear and centre parting from front of forehead to nape of neck. Starting from the nape, take a small section on each side one inch thick. Section the remaining hair using a section clip, comb down the one inch section of hair using a tight tension, using your fingers and comb as a guide line, cut to the required length. This cut section of hair is then used to repeat throughout the rest of the hair until you obtain a straight line equally cut around the back and sides of hair. This then gives you a basic bob shape.


To obtain a layered (feathered look) section the front section of hair in the centre, clip away the remaining hair at the back using section clips. Take a small section of hair from both sides as illustrated in the picture. Using your fingers as a guide line, comb the hair towards you depending on how short you require your first layer and cut downwards, you will have two guide lines, the first is your shortest point of your fringe and the second is the length you cut earlier, any hair between these points you cut as shown, this gives you your textured layered look around your face, repeat on the other side until your sides becomes equally the same.


Section from ear to ear cut the hair in layers taking away the bulk from the centre of your hair this gives your hair movement, without thinning, away your ends.

Part the hair where you want it to fall, when your style is finished, take a small one inch to two inch section depending on how thick you require it to be, comb down the sectioned hair using tension, cut downwards from your parting. If you want the fringe to be textured, comb the cut section upwards pulling it slightly back. Chip into the section slightly taking great care not to take away too much.


This angle can require you to razor the bottom, only on some people can this be done. If you razor very fine hair you will make the hair very weak and looking thin and brittle. Razors can only be used if the hair is thick, it gives the style a very textured look, and also lots of movement. Razor hair with great caution.

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