Elegant Party Hair Tutorial

Part hair at side and then smooth crown hair into a high ponytail. Divide ponytail into five and set on heated rollers


Set side hair on heated rollers as shown, i.e. two rollers on smaller side section, three rollers on large side sections.

Completed heated roller pli. Mist with hairspray and leave rollers to cool completely.


Carefully remove rollers from sides and allow curls to fall freely. Now remove rollers from crown in the same way.


Smooth hair using a grooming brush, which will help to eliminate any static and tendency to flyaway

Clip side hair out of the way and take a square section on crown. Twist hair in a clockwise direction for 5cm


Use tail comb to hold twist at the root area, bend twist forwards and secure with crossed grips


Loops ends of hair into a curl and secure with a grip, form ends round base of curl and secure

Curl remaining crown hair in the same way. Smooth one side of nape hair upwards and grip, form ends into a curl.


Smooth other side of nape hair upwards and grip, form ends into a curl as before and grip.


Smooth one side of front hair to centre back and grip, form ends into curls and grip. Repeat for other side.

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