Celebrity Hair Styles

1. Dianna Agron with a curly bob at the Met Ball 2012

2.That hair

3.Classic Cate, stunning in this black gown and perfectly topped with a pumped up textured pony.

4.Florence Welch rocked a milkmaid braid with full bangs

5.Touchable texture, softly upswept AND a gorgeous accessory? Emma Stone

6.Rihanna wore minimal makeup and an interestingly edgy hairstyle

7.January Jones at the Met Ball. Hair color by Jennifer J

8.LOVE Emma Roberts’ vintage wavy bob

9.Oh Rosie!

10.Coco Rocha – pink hair at the Met Gala

11.Taylor Swift (with straight hair)

12.Scarlett Johansson on the red carpet for the London premiere of “The Avengers” donning a milkmaid braid

13.Gwyneth Paltrow’s dip-dyed hair

14.Janelle Monae  I like Janelle Monae’s hair because it just looks so rad!” – Marques

15.Elizabeth Hurley long, dark, thick, shiny and it swings free and easy around her face. The rest of her is pretty sexy too

16.Kate Beckinsale’s is hair is long and always perfectly curled, looks classy

17.Zooey Deschanel her look sexy without taking away from her natural beauty

18.Amanda Seyfried’s soft wavy blonde hair

19.Emma Stone’s tousled upstyle with accessory at the Met Ball 2012

20.Rihanna debuts a new dark do!

21.Who would win best hair?

22.Camilla Belle

23.Helen Mirren

24.Taylor Swift at the ACM Awards ’12

25.Love Reese’s natural waves? We can help you get the look

26.Which retro blue hairstyle do you like best on Katy?

27.Oh Julia!

28.Jennifer Lawrence’s new wispy bangs


30.Jennifer Hudson looking super sleek

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