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DIY & Soft & Shiny Hairspray

DIY Soft & Shiny Hairspray Add the following items

DIY Braided Headband Idea

Cute idea using old tights or cloth and making

Easily Whiten Nails in 5 Minutes

Whiten your nails Mix 1 tbsp peroxide and 2

DIY Cinnamon Almond Mask for Soft Hair

Help to enrich hair and create shine using this

Re-Hydrate Dry Dull Hair

Rehydrate your dry dull hair by mixing half a

Homemade Body Butter

Mix a cup of shea butter, with 1/2 a

Cool Uses For Baking Soda

Baking soda not only helps to dry out a

Homemade Natural Energy Drink

Need a quick drink to help give you an

Help Get Rid of Sunburn using Black Tea

Fill a pitcher or bowl with warm water and

Natural Exfoliator Using Honey & Brown Sugar

Honey has natural antioxidants, so it works as a

Lemon & Honey Technique

Help clear up your skin by adding a few

Cucumber Slices & Tea Bags to Reduce eye Swelling

Placing cucumber slices or tea bags on the eyes

Retain Moisture Using Baby Oil

Applying lotion or baby oil after taking a bath

Face Mask for Removng Acne Scars and Blemishes

DIY Homemade  Face Mask to help Remove Acne Scars

Keeping Clear Skin & Preventing Acne

Acne is a common problem and can often be

DIY Face Masks

DIY Face Masks Oatmeal Face Mask Blend these ingredients