Cat Walk Hair Tutorial

Cat Walk Hair Tutorial

Apply some blow-dry lotion to towel-dry hair.

While the hair is still damp, create a clean left side part and secure with a bobby pin on the right side.

Also, tuck hair behind the ears (while hair is 75 per cent dry).

Use a blow dryer to dry the hair without using too much heat in this setting

Once hair is completely dry, section the back hair to start curling. You may apply a curl-enhancing lotion in this step (Redken’s Hot Sets 22 is recommended by Guido), but it’s not vital.

Curl sections of the hair with either a curling iron or a GHD straightener. If unsure of your curling capabilities, ask a friend to help you out, as the curls are predominantly at the back.

Once curled, leave them in. Don’t brush the curls out, even with your fingers.

Spray hair spray all through the curls.

Apply hairspray on a paddle brush and comb through the crown of the head. This will keep the flyaways at bay.

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