Braid Loop Hair Tutorial

Braid Loop Hair Tutorial
IDEAL FOR : long hair.
BUT IF YOU HAVE A BOB : Start the braids above your ears (and toward the sides of your head). That way, the braids won’t have to reach very far.

PREP : Depending on your hair, work in anti-frizz, smoothing or texture products before drying.

Center part your hair and make two pigtails at the back of your head. if your hair is shorter, the pigtails can be on the sides of your head, above the ears.
Braids both pigtails – make sure they’re tight – and secure each with an elastic.
Wrap one braid over your head, setting it about one inch back from your hairline and securing the ends with bobby pins.
Wrap and secure the other braid in the same way. ( the braids might overlap or meet, depending on your hair light.)