Basket-Weave Braid Long Hairstyle How To Tutorial

Basket-Weave Braid
Time: 10 minutes
Ease/Difficulty: Needs Practice
Hair Type: Mid lenght to long, and straight.

You will need:
Styling Comb


Divide the hair into seven equal strands – three on either side of the face and one at the centre back.


Starting at the right hand side, cross the first strand (The strand nearest the face) over the second strand


Cross the third strand over what is now the second strand as shown.

Repeat steps 2 & 3 on the left side. What was originally the first strand in each group has now become the third strand


Take the third strand on the right hand side over the central strand, and under the third strand on the left hand side


Now bring the first strand on the right hand side over the second strand and under the central strand

Repeat step 6 on the left hand side. Finally, clasp with a scrunchie

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